Digital Marketing Techniques

Our mission: To provide simple and user-friendly designs for websites, and apps, for excellent digital marketing techniques that can increase sales and revenue.

Our vision: To lead the Digital Marketing industry in Africa and boost businesses in all parts of the world.

About Us

Established in 2020, Harrah Designs is a premier Digital marketing  agency in Uganda providing digital marketing techniques ranging from Website marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Social media marketing, Email marketing, Marketing analytics, Mobile marketing, Content marketing

Harrah Designs digital marketing agency has had the privilege to serve reputable clients such as Hanak International Schools, Summit Nursery and Primary Schools, Nissi Project Uganda, Amazing Life Foundation, Mother’s Lap Preparatory Day and Night Care, and Habitat for Lake Shore Communities.

Our team works hard and smart to see that all the great designs are made on time.

IT manager

Harold Robins Ntulume

Executive Director & IT MANAGER

Web designer and developer

Rachel Nassozi

Managing Director & WEB DEVELOPER
App developer


App Developer & Media Manager
Drums teacher

Calvin Asiimwe

Head of Music

Our photographer

Eunice Z Bakobye

Head of Photography
Graphic designer


Head of Graphics

Digital marketing techniques: our approach

Creativity at It's Core

We believe in harnessing creativity to deliver unique and user-friendly designs that stand out in the digital landscape and drive success for our clients. We create designs which are able to be used by all our audience. we want your clients to be able to find what they are looking for when they come to your website.

Customer -Centric Solutions

We prioritize understanding our clients’ needs and goals, tailoring our services to meet their specific requirements, and delivering exceptional results. We make designs that are for your clients, this simply means that we put them first to see that they access what they need, whenever they need it

Our Clients